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by | May 1, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

To blog or not to blog, that has been the question….


So why blog?  I decided to throw my hat into the blogging ring when our web guru said that it would get our site more attention and get ranked higher in search engines.  We’ll see if we get more search results. At a minimum, it’ll let you get inside my (or my wife’s) cranium at least for a short time on a weekly basis and hopefully, we’ll bring some content that our readers will follow.  Our blog will focus on a variety of HR topics from compliance, training, consulting related topics, stress management solutions, caregiving, to labor relations, and more.

I’ve been very fortunate over the years to speak at multiple SHRM conferences and other HR conferences around the Country from Maine to California. I consider myself to be a well-rounded HR professional starting off on the Recruiting side and making my way into Learning & Development before getting into management and director HR roles. I’ve ranged the spectrum from small private companies, to private equity firms, to public companies, both non-union and union. What I bring to my training assignments is the ability to relate to the employees from years of working in Manufacturing/Industrial environments and an in-depth understanding of everything from Accounting to Waste Water Management, all the way up to Management’s perspective from years of sitting on executive teams.

To give you a little history on myself, I started my career in Training with The Longaberger Company in the Manufacturing division. There were over 4000 employees in the Manufacturing division so I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to not only to train large groups of employees and managers but to gain certifications in Myers-Briggs, DDI (Development Dimensions International), HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance, and more. I have been working in HR management since 1994, including in HR Director/Manager roles at Columbus Castings, MPW, McWane, and Cooper Standard.

In 2002 on weekends and evenings (or using vacation) Dozer HR Solutions was born. Over the years I spent more and more time analyzing how training impacted employees and was fortunate enough to watch countless trainers and programs and get to see firsthand their impact on the bottom line. As with any situation watching how disconnected many of the trainers were from what was actually going on, motivated me to enter into the training area full-time with my wife. Having the opportunity to focus on training and pull away from the stressful toxic corporate environments has been a blessing beyond measure. I know I’m very blessed and I’ve been told it shows. We all want to get to what we love and love what we do, I’m doing it.

I’ve spent over half my HR career working in union environments. I have strong fact based opinions about labor topics and the pros and cons there. Until you’ve worked in HR in a union environment you really don’t understand what it is like. I have unlimited stories and situations that I would have never gotten to experience in a non-union shop, and it’s why I’m in the spot I’m in today. The confidence and experience that working in some of those environments gives you is hard to put a price on. The two longest union stretches I worked in were USW (United Steel Worker) and UAW (United Auto Worker) shops. To say they were dramatically different is an understatement. When I first went into the USW environment the union was still strong in its control over the plant and would act out to try and intimidate management and workers who didn’t find value in the organization. There was a place for unions, especially before OSHA, before FMLA, before ADA, before the legislation that killed pensions and the needed funding which most couldn’t withstand.

Dozer Human Resource Solutions is a Training and HR Consulting business. We live in Central Ohio and serve the Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Wheeling, Charleston WV, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Lexington KY, Dayton, Newark, Cambridge, Zanesville, Marietta, New Philadelphia, Canton, Akron, Toledo, Parkersburg, and surrounding areas.

The last two months have really been a Debbie Downer as we just started our business in September of 2019. We were really cranking out business, and better yet had a nice book of business into early Summer when the proverbial rug was yanked out from under us. We are all in this storm but all of us are in different boats and are being impacted differently. We’ve received zero help from the government. Such is politics, such is life. Small businesses make this Country work and many people don’t understand what it takes to run and keep a business going. On a positive note, we’re quoting work for June/July and hopefully that work will get to happen. We’ve had very good success with our Lead/Supervisor programs. Training topics on Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Discipline, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Generational Differences, and Compliance are our sweet spot and where we’ve seen dramatic results in creating leaders who change their company’s culture and become proficient at many of the people skills that separate good employees from average ones.

We can’t wait until things get back to normal and we can get back to work. What we hear from our customers is that we connect with the people we train at a much higher level than they’ve even witnessed with other trainers/consultants. We’ve done the work and understand the material and how it will be used. Anyone can train, but few can make it stick and bring value.

When we come out on the other side of this pandemic we are hoping that companies will be hiring and training. We’re working on getting our programs and training offerings polished up and ready to rollout. We love to train but we also offer consulting services. Our HR Department Audits and undercover culture audits can give you a real understanding about what is going on behind the scenes at your Company. We also offer Executive Coaching and using the Hogan assessment Kimberly can give business owners and executives a much better understanding about what makes your management team work and where you can focus your efforts.

Our next post will focus on 5 things you can do to get promoted into a management position.
Be safe and be well. Watch where you step in the field.


Derek Dozer, SPHR-SCP, SHRM
Chief Human Resources Strategist, Dozer HR Solutions

Derek is a senior HR professional who has worked in HR over 25 years. He has extensive experience in the automotive, industrial, foundry, metals, food service, and government sectors.
He’s been involved in heavy negotiations with America’s largest unions, including USW and UAW negotiations in periods of economic difficulty.

Experience in:

  • Operations
  • Recruiting
  • Labor relations
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Safety
  • Talent management
  • Organizational development (OD)
  • Teambuilding

Derek is a certified trainer for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), and Development Dimensions International (DDI.)


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business Administration and Management, Franklin University, 1997

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Human Resources and Business Management, Urbana University, 1993


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