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People are your company’s greatest assets. And everyone is unique.

Having personality testing done with your team members enables employees to understand themselves and their colleagues better. Personality inventories also equip managers and supervisors with deep insights into the ways of thinking, working, and communicating that come naturally to each person that reports to them. This can build stronger teams, reduce workplace conflict, and increase productivity.

There are a number of different personality inventories on the market. There are pros and cons for each, and no system is the perfect fit for every company.

We are certified trainers for three of the leading personality inventory instruments–MBTI, Hogan, and HBDI. We would be glad to advise in a free consultation on the pros and cons of each instrument, and help you decide which one is likely to give you the kinds of insights you and your employees need.

We are certified trainers for three systems:

Explore Personality Inventories and Personality Testing

We are certified trainers for three systems:

MBTI is the best-known personality inventory on the market. Based on the psychological theories of Carl Jung, the MBTI results in the identification of one of 16 possible personality types. Derek Dozer has been a Myers-Briggs Certified Trainer since 2002.

Kimberly Dozer is a Hogan-certified trainer. Hogan is a system that takes a multifaceted approach to personality inventories to identify individuals’ strengths, weaknesses, and approaches to problem solving (like the difference between “doers” and “thinkers.”) Having a deeper understanding of the core strengths of your leaders sets everyone up for success by ensuring you have the right people in the right positions.

On an individual level, using Hogan Assessments as part of your recruitment process can help you identify candidates that will naturally complement and strengthen your team. Hogan Assessments can also be used to guide your promotion decisions.

Hogan Team Assessments go beyond individual personality testing to show how personality traits interact in team settings. The insights revealed in team assessments can help you assemble teams with an ideal mix of personalities to maximize productivity, efficiency and mutual understanding. Proactively identifying potential fault lines between team members helps to address challenges before they become a problem.

Herrmann’s Whole Brain ® Thinking System helps organizations use talent effectively by identifying which types of thinking their managers and employees naturally prefer (analytical, experimental, practical, and/or relational). As a certified HBDI practitioner, Derek can help you harness the power of Whole Brain ® Thinking to improve the self-knowledge, performance, and job satisfaction of your team members.

We’re certified trainers for three different personality inventory systems because we understand that every organization has unique needs.

Call us for a free personality testing systems consultation. We’ll start by listening to your goals for personality testing, and then walk you through the similarities and differences between the methods. Together we can help you make a decision on which system will deliver the most actionable, useful insights.

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